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The Evolution Project is a drop-in community center for young black gay/bisexual men and transgenders individuals between 18 and 28 years of age. This is a safe space that helps young people to connect, develop strengths and skills, support each other, have fun and achieve positive goals. The program staff assists these young men to enhance their HIV and STD risk reduction skills by utilizing the will, talent and vision of the members themselves.

The Evolution Project is distinguished by the active leadership and involvement of the members. Members play an intricate role in planning activities, special events, and design of the space. Examples include movie nights, discussions, cookouts, card games, parties, balls, community forums and more. The Evolution Project provides access to HIV testing and STD screening at on and off-site locations. Members are provided linkage to free medical screenings, case management, HIV/STD treatment and other health care services. Additionally, the Evolution Project offers mental health services such as individual, relationship and group counseling. For more information about the Evolution Project, volunteering and/or program activities, please contact  (404) 870-7700.